For many Orthodox converts the discovery of Orthodox Christianity after a long and weary journey from various religious backgrounds was like finding an oasis in the desert. In their eyes indeed the Orthodox Church has been seen as an oasis of Heaven in the dry and hot secular desert  – offering water to those who are thirsty, rest, shade and relief to those who are heavy laden and weary, and shelter to those who desperately seek protection from the fierce sandstorms of our modern civilization.

This page contains interesting faith journeys of Orthodox converts living in Canada who have decided to share with us their special and unique personal conversion stories and experiences after wandering in other spiritually unnourishing and unsatisfying denominations or religions.

A First Nation Chief’s “secret path” to Orthodoxy

The path of an Aboriginal Canadian – a chief of the Mohawk tribe – led him to the bosom of the Orthodox Church.
A modern-day story of orthodox “lunacy” in the Indian reservations of Canada.

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My Journey From Witchcraft To Orthodoxy

"The Illumined Heart" podcasts from Ancient Faith Radio with host Kevin Allen, featuring Sara Hillis, a musician and English literature scholar who became a witch priestess before encountering Christ and finding the Orthodox Church! Sara is now a parishioner of All Saints of North America Orthodox Church in Hamilton, Ontario.

Part 1(May 30, 2008) | Part 2(June 6, 2008)

The Love of God

Faye Thomas of Ottawa, Ontario discusses briefly her conversion from Roman Catholicism to Orthodox Christianity.

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INTO TRUTH:  Reflections on My Journey

Andrew Carpenter

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