We are a group of Orthodox Christians who participate in all aspects of Orthodox worship and church life, with enthusiasm and passion. So much so, that we want to share these with our fellow Canadians.

We typically attend church at the two English-speaking parishes in Toronto, namely St. Silouan's and Holly Myrrhbearers' - see the LINKS page.

Some of us work with the inner-city poor and at-risk youths, while others pursue studies in Orthodoxy at Trinity College in the University of Toronto.

We meet regularly in the church halls, in public places on St. George campus and/or in places near the subway line.

We assist in the catechism of people who embark on the journey to become Orthodox.

We connect those interested in pastoral guidance with available clergy and those interested in more advanced study with Bible Study groups.

We maintain relations with other Orthodox missionary groups in the city.

Our original sponsoring organization was “St. Athanasius Orthodox Christian Mission”, a fellowship of Orthodox laity established in 1992 with the blessing of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto, Canada. We are no longer affiliated with that organization.

By being active in the various Orthodox parishes around the Greater Toronto Area, and participating in all pan-Orthodox services, gatherings and events, we are familiar with the orthodox landscape and we can help a newcomer navigate through it, so that they can explore it, feel welcome in our parishes, and grow spiritually in them.

We advocate for the formation of an orthodox church of Canada, an autonomous (autocephalus) church, formed by the existing, ethnically defined churches, as the canons of Orthodoxy ultimately require.

Orthodoxy in this World is too bright a light to be put under the bushel of Nationalism and too precious a jewel to be thrown into the melting pot of WCC Ecumenism.

All of our activities aim at making Orthodoxy known and accessible to all Canadians.

Join us, even if it’s only for a cup of coffee!



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